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Think about just how often and how much you train so that you can be the best in your sport. 

I want you to add up all the hours you’ve spent over the past month investing into your sport. 

Working out in the morning when it’s dark and cold. 

Eating the same bland chicken and steamed veggies. 

The annoying and tedious rehab exercises that you need to do to stay durable and ready to play, no matter how sore and beat up you are. 

And what's the payoff, exactly?

You would think with such “hard work” and “dedication”, you would be balling on gameday…right?

For most athletes, this isn't the case.

Instead of feeling confident on gameday, and actually putting all that practice and skill to work, they end up ending each game or match with feelings of frustration, regret and anger. 

After all of this consent work, doing things you’re ”supposed” to do, why are you still not playing your best when it matters most?

Why are you still so insecure about the competition? Why does it feel like you don’t deserve your spot?

How come you can’t just perform the way you know you can?

This frustration can lead to you eventually even hating and loathing the very sport you dedicated your life to. 

Practice creates anxiety.

Training makes you annoyed.

You start finding more ways to escape the pressures of your sport, instead of having fun playing the game you love. 

What if there was a way you could approach playing your sport that led to you showing up supremely confident each and every time you performed?

What if you could truly leave no stone unturned, and have a feeling of knowing you’re doing the right things to dominate your competition and make it to the next level?

The most dominant athletes have a strategy around how they attack their sport. 

They don’t just work hard, and pray for the best. 

They do certain things that create very specific outcomes. 

They know exactly what their vision is, and what is motivating them to work harder than the competition.  

They know how to master their emotions.

They have an arsenal of emotions that come to them so easily because they have conditioned them to.
They create next level training routines and rituals that lead to them being the best at their position. 

They understand how to evaluate themselves after games and practices in a way that leads to growth, peace of mind and excitement and lightness.

They’ve mastered the art and science of visualization, so they can create and write their own scripts for visualization.

They have a mental conditioning game plan, so they work on the mental game in as predictable a way as their physical skill set. 

They have bulletproof accountability systems in place that leads to consistent follow through and discipline. 

What would it be like for you to have GAMEDAY CONFIDENCE?

You’d fall back In love with your sport, instead of resenting it.

You will be embracing competition and pressure, instead of dreading it. 

You’d be making gains and improvement, feeling more confidence each time you play. 

You would be confident and poised on the day of your biggest competitions, instead of anxious and scared. 

You would be dominating, showing your opponents what mastery looks like.

Invest in Gameday Confidence and watch your skill, confidence and ability to perform under pressure go to the next level. 

"The mindset systems and structure I learned from Gameday Confidence have been a game changer."

Sean Fagan, Championship Muy Thai Fighter

What you will learn with the 
Game Day Confidence System:

  • How to be relaxed, calm, prepared and poised under any pressure.
  • ​Simple daily visualization and relaxation techniques that the pros use.
  • ​Mastering the emotions that stop you from performing your best when it matters most.
  • ​Step by step for how to set up the most important daily routines and rituals.
  • ​How to train like an absolute beast.
  • ​How to craft your own training routines to ensure you’re leaving no stone unturned.
  • ​How to structure your environment to stay motivated and locked in, regardless of who your teammates are.

What's Included with the Game Day Confidence System:

  • 12 Live Group Coaching Sessions with Niyi Sobo. These sessions are jam packed with systems and practical lessons designed to turn you into a true “primetime” performer.
  • ​One full year of online access to the Gameday Confidence System. You will be able to master these strategies for an entire year, and focus on the details of what it takes to dominate your sport. 
  • Live Q+A’ s each week. You will have weekly access to Niyi Sobo and get all of your questions answered. 


Michelle Betos, 2016 NWSL Goalkeeper of the Year

"Niyi's systems helped me map out a concrete, tangible process to attaining the success I wanted."

Jon Gallagher, Austin FC Midfielder

"After just a couple weeks in Gameday Confidence, I went from not scoring in my first 3 games of the season to scoring 3 goals in one game, and scoring 6 goals in my next 4 games. Niyi has done nothing but bring positive results for me on and off the field."

Matthew Hodgson, Pro Basketball, Brisbane Bullets

"Gameday Confidence is truly a unique program; I have never seen anything like it before. I will continue to use it for the rest of my career."

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